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In the spirit of ConFusebox comes another great little devious "build a circuit" puzzle game. The object of the puzzle is simple -- connect up all the wires and light up all the lights. The lights and the power source are in place, but you have to figure out how to place the wires. You have plenty of clues in the numbered circles, but it will take a little thought to get them all in the right place. Placing the obvious wires will often give you clues on how to place wires elsewhere, but sometimes you will just have to take a chance.

And once you have the hang of ConstructBox, you can play the variation "ConjectureBox", which is similar but only allows you to connect to cells that are powered. It is no longer just a matter of connecting up the obvious wires. You will need a little more planning-ahead to solve it.

ConstructBox and ConjectureBox are great little puzzle games for you puzzle-solving fanatics. Once you give it a try, you will be hooked. Have fun!

Almost there
Full GameCenter support on iOS devices
Looks and works great on all kinds of tablets
This board still needs a little more work
This one is almost solved
Works great on Macs and Windows machines too
Available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
Available for desktop Macs
Available for Android devices on Google Play
Available for Android devices on Amazon
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