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Dice-A-Rama Deluxe

Dice-A-Rama Deluxe

Dice-A-Rama Deluxe takes Dice-A-Rama to the next level!

Dice-A-Rama Deluxe contains the original five Dice-A-Rama dice games as well as five brand new ones. In addition to the two Yatzy games in the original, there are two new variations with "WILD" dice. You also get a new Poker Dice game with wild dice, an exclusive game called "Maxi Destino", and a really frustrating quick-playing game called "Crag".

If you were a fan of Dice-A-Rama or dice games in general, this collection is a must-have!

All of the dice-a-rama games and plenty more!
Detailed instructions for all games
Maxi Destino is a new game available nowhere else
New games with wild dice
The wild games add a new wrinkle to the old standards
Wild Maxi Yatzy is a high scoring game
Wild Poker Dice
Available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
Available for Android devices on Google Play
Available for Android devices on Amazon
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