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Duck Tiles

Duck Tiles

The popular "slide the ducks" web-game is now available with more levels and better gameplay than ever!

It looks quite simple at first. The mechanism of play is almost trivial, and most likely you think you will be breezing through the game. But you will be hard-pressed to solve all 216 levels. Hours of addictive puzzle-solving are waiting for you!

216 total levels
Dancing ducks!
Play full screen or in a window
Track progress for multiple players
Available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
Available for desktop Macs
Available for Samsung Android devices
Available for Android devices on Google Play
Available for Android devices on Amazon
Available for Windows PC's on Amazon
Available for desktop Macs on Amazon
Available for Nook devices at the Barnes & Noble store
Available for Android devices at the Opera store
Available for Blackberry devices
Available for online play at Mindjolt


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