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Monkey Blockade

Monkey Blockade

Monkey Blockade is a very quick-playing strategy puzzle game. Monkeys have escaped in your lab, and you need to keep them from escaping. You have a fleet of robots that will stand in their way, but the monkeys always seem to find the quickest way around. You need to plan ahead to keep your monkeys away from the edge.

In addition to the robots, you have a few snacks that can distract monkeys for one turn. And sometimes that one turn is the difference between capture and escape.

Monkey Blockade is the latest game from The Code Zone, maker of the hit games Bulldozer, Pop Pies, Meltdown, and Dice-A-Rama. Have fun, and get those monkeys!

Easy instructions and quick to get started
GameCenter support on iPhone and iPad
If the monkeys are getting too slippery you can use snacks to help trap them
Most monkeys captured, so mission accomplished
Plenty of robots and only ONE monkey so this should be easy
Title screen
Available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
Available for Android devices on Google Play
Available for Android devices on Amazon
Problem? Email support here.
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