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The Code Zone Retro Pack

The Code Zone Retro Pack

The Code Zone Retro Pack is a collection of FIFTY fun casual Windows games for one low price!

The Retro Pack has arcade games! You can test your sushi-eating and squid-avoidance with Suzy Sushi. You can hone your skills defeating aliens in Invaders From Neptune and Zap Pod. You can dodge crazy drivers in Head On Collision or blast enemy tanks in Think Tank. There is even an oddball arcade version of Poker!

You may have played the old standard card solitaire and dice games a million times, but have you tried Siege, Vanishing Cross, Kizbot or Brain Bones? The Code Zone Retro Pack has some interesting new games that you will enjoy learning and (hopefully) winning.

The Retro Pack has several fun board games. Whether it is classic stuff like Backgammon or Moku, or if you want a new kind of challenge with PangKi or Engulf, the Retro Pack has what you need.

If your brain needs some exercise, the Retro Pack has brain benders! If you like word games, there are some great Cryptograms. If logic puzzles are what you need to keep your brain trained, you can test your skills in Deductive Logic. Finally, if you think you know everything about how to beat Tic-Tac-Toe, see how well you do in 3D!

And to top it all off, every game has plenty of variations and options available, so you can change the challenge once you think you have mastered the game.

Fifty fun little games for one low price!

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