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Zombie Kitten 2 : The Nomming

Zombie Kitten 2 : The Nomming

Zombie Kitten Attack was a fun little puzzle game about bad movies. And what is the point of making fun of bad movies without endless sequels and reboots?

In this "turn the tables" sequel to Zombie Kitten Attack, you take the role of one of the kittens who has transcended from the fantasy-world of bad movies into the reality-world of bad moviemakers. Humans are all hiding from you, and you have to chow down on them until none are left. You have a vague idea of where the humans are, but without a little luck and your mutant zombie powers, you will not be able to find everyone.

Good luck and have fun eating their brainzes!

Almost found some humans
Bloodlust attack in hex mode
Cute attack gives you some clues
Full instructions for the noobs
Game over
Humans are yummy!
Ninja attack!
Play in square or hex mode
Title screen on iPhone
You beat the level!
You have been nommed
Available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
Available for Android devices on Google Play
Available for Android devices on Amazon
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