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About The Code Zone

About The Code Zone

The Code Zone is a humble one-horse game development company in Texas. The philosophy of The Code Zone is simple. Games are becoming too durned big and complicated for their own good. Nowadays it seems that a game is considered "compact" if it fits on a single CD-ROM and has a manual fewer than 50 pages long. The problem is that, despite the giant sales of large-format adventure and wargames, the most popular game in the universe is still Minesweeper! Granted, Minesweeper is a freebie, but it wasn't included with Windows because MS figured that their CD wasn't full enough. The fact that clones of Minesweeper exist on every platform from mainframes to HP calculators is testimony to the soundness of what I like to call "The Minesweeper Model".

The Minesweeper Model is simple. It contains the following attributes:

That's it. Simple, quick, small, bug-free, and cheap.

Postal Address

3333 Southlake Park Road
Southlake, TX 76092


(817) DUCK-ZIP
(817) 382-5947


John Hattan

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